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Dedicated to helping minority engineers succeed and excel in a college environment

Study Space

The MERRP Office, located in SEL-East Room 2065, is an ideal space for individual or group study. With a large, open use whiteboard and a projector tutoring is perfect for small groups. The walls are lined with power strips. In addition, we are located directly across from a new ACCC Computer Lab!


MERRP has historically been considered home for two nationally run engineering society chapters: the National Society of Black Engineers and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. Freshman and transfer students looking to get involved on campus should start here! There are many unique ways to get involved with these societies and reap the benefits of their networks, workshops, and conventions!


With free tutoring for many science, math, and engineering courses MERRP supports students through its successful Supplemental Instruction program. The tutors are all fellow students who have previously completed the course they are instructing receiving a "B" or better. Come visit our office in SEL-E 2065 to sign up and receive more information about the program!

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The Minority Engineering Recruitment and Retention Program offers multiple services year round

Academic Year Programs

The Minority Engineering Recruitment and Retention Program  coordinates and assists with a multitude of programs. Not included in this list is the large number of engineering societies that work with MERRP to help students excel in their major!

Summer Programs

A UIC Summer College program, the Preparation for Majoring in Engineering (PrepME) Workshop creates a positive, motivating, welcoming classroom environment for incoming freshmen while priming them for the challenges of engineering!

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Who We Are

The Employees of MERRP-UIC

Gerry Smith, Director of Minority Engineering

The Director of Minority Affairs manages the recruitment efforts, retention efforts, and student success program for the College of Engineering. Providing direction for what majors students could consider and which courses to select in the field of engineering or computer science, Gerry is often found engaging with students within the MERRP Office.

Graduate Assistants & Student Workers

Graduate Assistants are the recruitment arm for UIC's College of Engineering and act as mentors within the MERRP office. Student Workers help maintain the academic atmosphere in the office while also fulfilling various office duties. During the summer, GAs and Student Workers instruct the Preparation for Majoring in Engineering program, helping incoming freshman transition into a college environment.

Supplemental Instruction Tutors

Supplemental Instruction (SI) tutors support the academic success of students. Having obtained a grade of B or better in the course they are instructing, SI tutors provide for-student-by-student instruction with a minimized gap in knowledge to help easily explain complex engineering concepts.

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